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J is the boy that mothers warn their daughters about. He's brilliant, creative, charming, talented, and completely in love with himself. He openly considers himself a benevolent narcissist and has dreams and delusions of world conquest under his kind but brilliant hand. Fortunately...or possibly unfortunately he has yet to have these plans come to fruition so he spends his time simulating potential outcomes in MMORPGS, where he is usually thrust into the leadership roles.

In the "real" world he is a college student, part time IT administrator, freelance game designer, and he moonlights in Val's pet project band "Deathgasm" as vocals and occasional backing guitar. He has been living with Val and Xithus for a short time now since it was easier just to rent an old manor over living with their parents.

He spends most of his free time messing around with computers, watching anime, doing various geeky projects, planning for world domination, playing video games, and discussing philosophy and social trends with others.

He doesn't speak of his youth, and no one seems to be able to get an answer as to why. Perhaps one day he will spill why he is the way he is.

"Dude, I'd totally hit me!" -- Jair


Kassie is one of THOSE special people. Somehow managing to be both a lady and a feral child at the same time. No one is completely sure where she came from either. She sort of just...showed up one day. She somehow knows Jair and Xith, but no one really knows how. I'm sure that will be a great topic of conversation when they figure out how she got into the house in the first place.

While she spends most of her time as a spazz, she has also shown to be quite intelligent and can chat on issue with Jair at length. She insists she is an artist and has shown a very competant drawing ability....though it usually involves tentacles or furries. She seems to also have an attraction to computers.

like the rest of the cast she spends most of her free time, watching anime, bitching on forums, playing video games, upgrading computers, or showing up places randomly...even if she didn't come along, or the doors are locked.

"I also have a tail!" -- Kas

Xith is sweet, cute, kind, naive, and accorinding to his actions and the rest of the house...most likely gender confused. He and Jairen have been friends since before Xithus was even in high school. Due to the years spent together he knows J better than most. To most it almost seems as though he harbors romantic feelings for Jair, though it could also just be admiration. Either way it seems unnoticed or unreciprocated. Many Of Xith's mannerisms are rather effeminate and emotional, leading him to often take on an almost spritely; childish behavior mixed in with a sweet and caring nature. His motivations are usually kind hearted and he is often tagging along doing his best to help out. Ironically due to his real life persona, he often is mistaken for a girl online and has recently taken to playing female characters.

Xith is probably the least into anime of the group. As such he spends most of his time playing video games and watching various random stuff on the internet.

"Can...can we hold hands on the way home?" -- Corey


val is one of those guys who professes up and down how dark and truly metal he is...until you put him around kittens and various other cute and cuddly creatures. After that he turns into a big cuddly ball of black metal. He joined the household during college, which he attends on and off as he tries to pursue a music career. He currently plays in more bands than he can count and sometimes even gets them confused. Much to everyone's initial surprise he is in a steady and serious relationship, however no one has actual seen the lucky girl.

Val is another anime fan as well as a rather hardcore gamer. He is an exceptional guitar player and his skills are often in demand for a variety of musical styles. His tastes in most things tend to vary wildly and often seemingly contradict...such as being able to watch rather violent shows one day, then be sitting on the couch watching the most pastel shoujo that you could imagine. This tends to create "interesting" splits in his personality and demeanor at times...even though he tries so hard to retain his "kvlt metal" attitude.

"I found it...on a guy...he might have been dead." -- Vallius

Aura is one of those girls who are just...special. She lives in her own little world that has been completely influenced by piles of shoujo and yaoi manga mixed with the most vile hentai you could imagine. This puts her in a socially awkward are where stalking is a form of love, and where she is the princess (that everyone wants to nail) in her little fantasy world. In her mind every man is a prince, waiting to serve and love her forever and ever. What she doesn't realize however is that most boys actually like a girlfriend that is at least mostly functional in the realms of reality. Still, she has proven endearing at times, and as such is (usually) invited on the groups escapades. Over time she grew to be a competent healer in most gaming situations...Jair and Val think its her slick way of having an easy in as most people can't stand being healers. She is usually a raging hornball and tends to get herself into situations because of it. She has begun taking in massive amounts of ferrets for an unknown purpose...sadly it's probably just another obsession as opposed to a scheme for world domination.

"does that mean I could use that for....^_^" - Skippy

A.L.T. (Armless Lizard Thing)

Kas found it and adores it. Skippy begs her to borrow it. We have no idea what it is...

"Mreep!" -- A.L.T.

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